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freddy hernandez

"el riel/the rail"








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  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Age: 44
  • Date Of Birth: 23 Mar 1979
  • Height: 5.84 ft (1.78 m)
  • Reach: 74.02 inches (188 cm)
  • Country: Mexico
  • Universal ID : 87776
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Career Highlights

Although Freddy Hernandez has been beaten in his career, with a fight count of 40 fights and a 14 year long career he approaches the end of his career with a record of 31-8-0. He made his debut in February 2001 at the age of 21. The longest win streak that Hernandez has ever recorded was between February 2001 and July 2004 when it totaled 17 wins. Hernandez's longest KO streak is 14 fights long.

February 2001 - July 2006

Early Career

Hernandez didn't take long to get comfortable in the pro game, becoming the first person to stop Luis Hernandez (a 0 fight pro) via TKO in the 2nd round. Following on from his debut, Hernandez continued his mostly successful career by fighting in a further 20 fights. In this time he fought Erik rafael Esquivel, Jesus Soto karass and Anthony lee Montoya to name just a few, fighting 7 times in 2001, 4 times in 2002 and 9 times between 2003 and 2006 in this period.

February 25th, 2005

Freddy Hernandez Vs Golden Johnson

The first defeat of Hernandez's career came against Golden Johnson on February 25th, 2005. This took his career record to 17-1-0. On February 25th, 2005, Hernandez took on and was defeated over the distance by Golden Johnson in his first career defeat. Hernandez lost via SD in a valiant effort. Hernandez continued his success in the next 13 fights taking his record to 29 wins, 1 losses and 0 draws.

November 27th, 2010

Freddy Hernandez Vs Andre Berto

Hernandez's next defeat of his career came against Andre Berto on November 27th, 2010 taking his career record to 29-2-0. Berto proved to be the biggest challenge to date for Hernandez, Hernandez never really got going in the fight and Berto handed Hernandez his first stoppage defeat in the 1st round of a 12 rounder. With a probably less than successful career to date, 3 fights followed for Hernandez including against 6th person to go the distance with Demetrius Andrade, 5th person to defeat Luis Collazo and fought Erislandy Lara taking his record to 30-4-0.

May 24th, 2013

Freddy Hernandez Vs Delvin Rodriguez

Hernandez went into his next fight against Delvin Rodriguez on May 24th, 2013 with a career record of 30-5-0. Rodriguez upset Hernandez in a 10 round fight, stopping him in the 8th round and becoming only the 2nd person to stop Hernandez. Unfortunately a loss followed for Hernandez taking his record to 30 wins, 6 losses and 0 draws.

March 17th, 2014

Freddy Hernandez Vs Julian Williams

Taking another knock in his career, Julian Williams was next in line for Hernandez with Williams coming out victorious. Hernandez career was at 30-7-0 following the fight. Hernandez was stopped by Julian Williams in the 3rd round of a 10 round fight via TKO. It was Hernandez's 3rd stoppage defeat in his career.

September 6th, 2014

Freddy Hernandez Vs Brad Solomon

Taking a knock to his career, Hernandez fought and was defeated by Brad Solomon on September 6th, 2014 taking his record to 30-8-0. Hernandez's fight against Brad Solomon was Hernandez's 4th stoppage defeat which came via TKO in the 6th round of the fight.

Latest Fight

Freddy Hernandez added another win to his record by beating Todd Manuel on August 27th, 2015, upping his record to 31 wins. Only the 8th man to defeat Manuel, Hernandez made an impressive appearance in his latest outing, earning himself a MD win.

freddy hernandez opponents


Jason Quigley (15-0-0)

Thu, 18 Oct - 2018
round 10 of 10 ...
ring rust

Todd Manuel (10-8-1)

Thu, 27 Aug - 2015
round 8 of 8 ...
same weight ring rust

Brad Solomon (23-0-0)

Sat, 6 Sep - 2014
round 6 of 10 ...
-1.0 lbs
TKO Julian Williams boxer image

Julian Williams (15-0-1)

Mon, 17 Mar - 2014
round 3 of 10 ...
same weight
UD Francisco Santana boxer image
Fri, 16 Aug - 2013
round 10 of 10 ...
same weight

Delvin Rodriguez (28-6-3)

Fri, 24 May - 2013
round 8 of 10 ...
same weight
UD Demetrius Andrade boxer image
Fri, 25 Jan - 2013
round 10 of 10 ...
+0.3 lbs southpaw
UD Erislandy Lara boxer image

Erislandy Lara (17-1-1)

Sat, 30 Jun - 2012
round 10 of 10 ...
+0.5 lbs southpaw

Luis Collazo (31-5-0)

Sat, 15 Oct - 2011
round 10 of 10 ...
-0.2 lbs southpaw ring rust
TKO Andre Berto boxer image

Andre Berto (27-0-0)

Sat, 27 Nov - 2010
round 1 of 12 ...
-2.0 lbs

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freddy hernandez results

TKO (42.5%)
UD (32.5%)
KO (17.5%)
SD (5%)
MD (2.5%)

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