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BoxStat.co is the no.1 place to visit to get meaningful boxing statistics and fight data. With over 500,000 boxers and over 2 million fights listed, our database is the fastest growing user generated boxing database in the world. But we're not like the others...

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Without accurate data we can't produce accurate statistics, so all our content is added, edited and voted on by the people on BoxStat.co. With your help, we're working together to build the biggest library of detailed fight and boxer data in the world.

BoxStat.co is all about maintaining the most accurate and useful fighter and fight data for you and the statistics we generate:

Incorrect changes are voted down and ignored.

Correct changes are voted up and contributing users are rewarded with reputation points.

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Missing information is annoying to users. If you see a boxer or fight that can be improved, you can edit them.

Suggesting changes is quick and helps other users. Not only that, you'll be rewarded with reputation too!

How to vote

Voting on other suggested changes is also a big part of BoxStat.co and helps to maintain accurate stats.

Correctly voting on a change will increase your reputation in the same way incorrect votes will harm your reputation

You Earn reputation as you help BoxStat.co

Your reputation score goes up when you help boxstat become a better place.

Correctly voting and editing information all contributes towards your reputation.

As your reputation grows you'll gain various privileges within BoxStat.co and be able to access different areas.

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