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Boxstat is a website with the sole aim to provide detailed and updated professional boxing statistics along with records, schedules, and results. We currently make a loss each month by keeping the website running as well as the website taking up a lot of our time outside of out daily jobs. Any support to help keep the website running is massively appreciated.

Where we started:

Boxstat is the brain child of web developer John Williams, who created and launched the website back in 2013. Boxstat was created through the love of boxing and creating stunning websites, along with the belief that he could offer more to the World boxing community than was already on offer.

Fast forward 3 years and Boxstat had progressed massively and was becoming somewhat of a success. Although with such good progression, this almost became its downfall. The work needed to keep such a large website running and up to date had become a near impossible task. John still had to balance Boxstat alongside his full time job as a web developer, which was needed to pay all the bills. With Boxstat looking like it would start to struggle, John had a sudden light bulb moment whilst having a beer with myself, Dan Cartwright his long-term friend. The idea came about because like John, I also shared a passion for boxing. We both also share a similarly creative and ambitious mind which John believed would work well to make a great team and hopefully compliment what had already been achieved.

Moving on a few more months and John was right, the balance of work achieved by both John and I was working well. In a short period we had successfully added many new features; one of the largest being translating the website into 7 different languages.

Taking Boxstat to the next level, and how you can help:

Currently the list of new features that John and I want to add to Boxstat over the next coming months and years is quite enormous and again is starting to become a near impossible task. As well as John still having his full time job, I work 12-hour shifts as a maintenance fitter in a factory. The only way Boxstat can be as big of a success as both John and I strive for and believe it can be, is by working on the website full time. This however becomes difficult without the website making a decent and steady income, so this is where you can help. If you love what we do and want the website to progress and continue running, we are asking if you would support us on our journey in the way of contributions? We will be happy with any contribution from as little as $1/£1/1 a month, to as high as you want, 'the skies the limit' as they say. If all our visitors supported us with the lowest amount, we'd be able to run Boxstat on a full time basis. This would enable us to keep advertising on the website to a minimum to avoid damaging user experience. We would also provide everyone with an even better experience on the website, providing lots of new features and updates arriving a lot faster than they do currently. Thank you for your continued support.

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