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  • Stance: Southpaw
  • Age: 43
  • Date Of Birth: 17 Dec 1978
  • Height: 5.54 ft (1.69 m)
  • Reach: 66.93 inches (170 cm)
  • Country: Philippines
  • Universal ID : 34959
  • Amateur Record: 60-4
  • Nickname: Pac-man
  • Nickname 2: The Destroyer
  • Nickname 3: The Mexicutioner
  • Nickname 4: The Filipino Slugger
  • Nickname 5: The Nations Fist
  • Weight Class 1: Flyweight
  • Weight Class 2: Super Bantamweight
  • Weight Class 3: Featherweight
  • Weight Class 4: Super Featherweight
  • Weight Class 5: Lightweight
  • Weight Class 6: Light Welterweight
  • Weight Class 7: Welterweight
  • Weight Class 8: Light Middleweight
  • Birth Name: Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao
  • Birth Place: Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Spouse: Jinkee Jamora (2000)
  • Children: Mary Divine Grace Pacquiao
  • Children: Michael Pacquiao
  • Children: Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao
  • Children: Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr.
  • Children: Israel Pacquiao
  • Parent 1:Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao
  • Parent 2:Rosalio Pacquiao
  • Sibling 1: Bobby Pacquiao
  • Sibling 2: Liza Silvestre-Onding
  • Sibling 3: Rogelio Pacquiao
  • Sibling 4: Domingo Silvestre
  • Sibling 5: Isidra Pacquiao-Paglinawan
  • Edu: Saavedra Saway Elementary School, General Santos City, Philippines
  • Edu: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU), General Santos City, Philippines
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Career Highlights

Starting his career in January 1995 at the age of 16, orthodox boxer Manny Pacquiao has now been pro for 23 years and has built up a career of 60-7-2. Pacquiao now moves into the final stages of his career. Pacquiao's longest win streak is 15 fights between January 1995 and April 1999. His longest KO streak in his 69 fights is 8 fights long.

January 1995 - June 2001

Early Career

In his debut fight, Pacquiao's became only the 3rd fighter to go the distance with Edmund enting Ignacio, winning by UD in round 4 of 4. Following on from his debut, Pacquiao continued his mostly successful career by fighting in a further 35 fights. In this time he fought Reynante Jamili, Wethya Sakmuangklang and Chatchai Sasakul to name just a few, fighting 10 times in 1995, 7 times in 1996 and 18 times between 1997 and 2001 in this period.

February 9th, 1996

Manny Pacquiao Vs Rustico Torrecampo

The first defeat of Pacquiao's career came against Rustico Torrecampo on February 9th, 1996. Torrecampo was a push too far for Pacquiao and after a tough fight Torrecampo became the first person to beat and stop Pacquiao in round 3. 28 wins followed where Pacquiao went on to fight Reynante Jamili, Jorge eliecer Julio and Wethya Sakmuangklang amongst others, prolonging his win streak.

November 15th, 2003

Manny Pacquiao Vs Marco antonio Barrera

Marco antonio Barrera was the next fight for Pacquiao on November 15th, 2003 and also his next career win. Pacquiao's fight against Marco antonio Barrera came in the 11th round of a 12 round fight via TKO. Pacquiao became the first person to stop Barrera. Fight against followed taking his record to 38-2-2.

December 11th, 2004

Manny Pacquiao Vs Fahsan Three-k battery

Keeping his losses at 2, Pacquiao fought on December 11th, 2004 beating Fahsan Three-k battery via TKO. This took his record to 39-2-2 showing quite the successful career to date. Three-k battery was stopped in the 4th round via TKO meaning Pacquiao was the first person to stop this opponent. Pacquiao continued his success in the next 2 fights taking his record to 40-3-2

January 21st, 2006

Manny Pacquiao Vs Erik Morales

On January 21st, 2006, Pacquiao went into action again and beat Erik Morales taking the winning record to 41 wins. Morales was stopped in the 10th round via TKO crowning Pacquiao as the first person to stop this opponent. Fights against boxers including Ricky Hatton, Oscar Larios and Marco antonio Barrera followed where he won 21 fights taking his winning streak to 59 wins.

July 2nd, 2017

Manny Pacquiao Vs Jeff Horn

Taking a knock to his career, Pacquiao fought and was defeated by Jeff Horn on July 2nd, 2017 taking his record to 59-7-2. In 2017 Pacquiao fought his next opponent Jeff Horn and was defeated by him via UD. Pacquiao was the 5th person to go the distance with Horn.

Latest Fight

The wins continued with the defeat of Lucas martin Matthysse on July 15th, 2018 in Pacquiao's most recent fight taking his winning record to 60 wins. Ending via TKO, Pacquiao became the 2nd fighter to stop Matthysse. The defeat came in the 7th round of a 12 round fight.

manny pacquiao opponents

SD Keith Thurman boxer image

Keith Thurman (29-1-0)

Sat, 20 Jul - 2019
round 12 of 12
UD Adrien Broner boxer image

Adrien Broner (33-4-1)

Sat, 19 Jan - 2019
round 12 of 12
TKO Lucas Martin Matthysse boxer image
Sun, 15 Jul - 2018
round 7 of 12
+0.7 lbs ring rust
UD Jeff Horn boxer image

Jeff Horn (17-0-1)

Sun, 2 Jul - 2017
round 12 of 12
UD Jessie Vargas boxer image

Jessie Vargas (27-2-0)

Sat, 5 Nov - 2016
round 12 of 12
UD Timothy Bradley boxer image

Timothy Bradley (33-2-1)

Sat, 9 Apr - 2016
round 12 of 12
+1.0 lbs ring rust
UD Floyd Mayweather Jr boxer image
Sat, 2 May - 2015
round 12 of 12
+1.0 lbs
UD Chris Algieri boxer image

Chris Algieri (20-1-0)

Sun, 23 Nov - 2014
round 12 of 12
-0.3 lbs
UD Timothy Bradley boxer image

Timothy Bradley (31-1-0)

Sat, 12 Apr - 2014
round 12 of 12
+0.5 lbs

Brandon Rios (31-2-1)

Sun, 24 Nov - 2013
round 12 of 12
+1.5 lbs

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manny pacquiao results

TKO (39.4%)
UD (31%)
KO (18.3%)
SD (5.6%)
TD (2.8%)
MD (1.4%)
RTD (1.4%)

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